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Our Story

Before it became Torcatha BBQ sauce, the family recipe originated in San Antonio, TX, through the experiments of a high school science teacher, Randy McCulley. His sauce always added a little zest to family BBQs, school functions, and gatherings with friends…

What’s In This Stuff

At its core, Torcatha is built upon a foundation of robust tomato sauce and the nostalgic familiarity of ketchup. These components lay the groundwork for a velvety texture and a balanced sweetness that dances across your tongue.

But it’s the deep, caramel notes of brown sugar that lend a touch of indulgence, weaving a tapestry of sweetness that’s perfectly offset by the sauce’s savory elements…



“This is the exact kind of BBQ sauce you expect in Texas. Not too sweet, with just the right amount of spice. Do yourself and your taste buds a solid by getting a few bottles. These would make great Christmas, birthday, for the hell of it gifts. Cheers”.

 Jason Stiefer

“I loved the sauce! It had great taste with a little kick at the end. It paired well with the pork ribs and chicken off the smoker. Looking forward to making brisket sandwiches.”.

Joseph Hemann

“This stuff is good! I’ve tried it on a lot of different meats and it has been great every time! I’m not very good at grilling but this sauce makes it look like I am! I will keep using it and highly recommend to others!”.

Bradley Garza

In The Wild

 Join us Saturday April 27th during Market Days at

The Reserve on 1863 in New Braunfels, TX

 Introducing Spìosrach, the fiery twist on our beloved Torcatha BBQ sauce! Translating to “spicy” in Scottish, this tantalizing variant brings an extra kick to your taste buds. Created with the same rich blend of ingredients that you adore from our original sauce, Spìosrach ramps up the heat with a perfect balance of spices and peppers. Get the Original and spicy version of Torcatha this weekend.

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